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Why am I here?!

link scam sellers and frauds


I am here to help you. Help you to find on my site:

– The list of frauds and the list of scams  among link sellers;
Link fraud (this is the keyword that will help you to find this post, because according to the         Keyword Tools, there are over 18 000 queries per month);
– Contacts, emails and PayPal IDs of link scam sellers, details and conditions of purchases;
– General methods of cheating and fraudulent actions of link sellers;
– Things you should know before buying links;
– Many, many other useful things;
– And a little bit more useful things;

If there’s anything more you want to find on my site, simply write the comment.

P.S. Dear frauds, scammers, and dishonest link sellers, don’t be huffy. Didn’t I admonish you? Definitely did!


2 responses to “Why am I here?!

  1. Full Record May 8, 2013 at 4:57 am

    Hey! I am about to begin my own blog and was wondering if you know where the best place to purchase a website url is?
    I’m not even sure if that’s what its known as? (I’m new to this) I’m referring to “”.
    How do I go about acquiring one of these for the website I’m making? Cheers

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