Just another site – in fraud and scammer list

Gosh! I wanted to make my first post about Internet frauds more emotional and expressive, but when you have deal with scammers all the time their tricks become less shocking and more usual.

You probably know the 3 stages rule of “Perception of new information“:
– Reaction on the information heard for the first time: It’s impossible!
– Reaction on the information heard for the second time: You know, there is something in it
– Reaction on the information heard for the third time: Yes, didn’t you know?!

The same situation happened to me. But this is even for the better. Less emotions – higher objectivity.

Let’s start with DILSON DECANO

I started to work with this link seller about a year ago and bought links for $100.
After several months I found out that almost all my links were deleted, or sites with my links were dropped. The scheme is very simple: Dilson Decano ( made a PayPal account, email account and several sites to sell links at, moreover he probably became a broker and was re-selling the links. After getting some money (let’s say – pretty good money) he made me cryyyyyy disappeared as fast and tracklessly as my bought links…
I wrote him several letters but got no answer. So, that’s why you are here, in my scam list, Dilson Decano. Because the first betrayal can’t be forgotten…(Т__T)

Contacts of this fraudulent link seller:
Decano, Dilson
Lucao district
dagupan, pangasinan 2400
PayPal account:

Dilson Decano owns:

and many many others.


One response to “ – in fraud and scammer list

  1. OutingMoron January 11, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Give me YOUR email address so that I know NEVER EVER to deal with you

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