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Fraudulent actions of – seller! Shame on scammers!

link-builder scammers and fraudsAnother guy who makes me feel like a slob! I trusted him… I TRUSTED HIM MY $160 (lol?). Well, that’s not funny actually. The more I have experience with frauds and scammers, the more I lose my money.

This guy just took money, and “Oh, My God!” the sites are deleted! You know what, guys?! I always thought that it is a pretty good way to avoid fraudulent actions and scams in link building business – to buy posts instead of 1-year links. You don’t have to check them all the time; you don’t need to worry about their presence on the site… I thought so. The worst thing that may happen to posts is just an expired domain (that may be fixed within 1 or 2 letters). I always thought that there is no need to check my posts, but!
Dear (or maybe, or even maybe someone who reaaaaaally hates links) corrected my defective point of view, he sold me posts, waited till I pay for them and leave them for a while waiting till I will forget about their humble existence, and then, just deleted those pages! (BINGO!) Just deleted guys! My links disappeared as fast as the seller. I tried to find him through e-mail and PayPal ID but guess what? I still got no answer.
One more thing I would advise you – never write your posts, it is better to pay a lil bit higher price but let the seller write the text by himself. Because one day, you won’t find the link to the bought post, but you will find your text in Google… sold to other people.
As for this scam seller –
Here is the information about him: – the site.
PayPal –
Email –

P.S. There is a pretty interesting remark about the scammer’s site –
description: MAB4EVER-SEO – make sure your site will be number 1 at google
generator: WordPress 3.0.1
description: We are SEO & link building company in the web market. We are completely dedicated to each and every link building service.
keywords: seo, link building,

Oh, isn’t this sweat sweet?

Advertisements – fraud, scam review!

I don’t know guys!

I used to ask myself a question for a long time “Am I that stupid? Am I that yobbo?!”. And all this because of fraudulent link sellers like this guy –! Some time ago I bought several links (never buy several links from sellers you don’t know!) and paid for this pleasure $110. I bought a couple of permanent posts and several 1-year links. A year passed… nope. Sorry. 5 months passed and BEEEEB no links are detected. No-no-no guys, I am not snaky! I know that some sites loose their PRs from 5 to 4, and some goes expired. But guys, SOME of them! Not all of them! I tried to write to this seller but got no answer. I wrote him several times on his email –, on his PayPal and even tried to contact him through Digital Poin – Got no answer…

Well, dude. You’ve made your choice.

Link buyers, beware of this seller!

Here I add some information to help you find this post:

Email –
Digital Point account –
The sites he was selling links at:
And many, many other fraudulent sites!

Things You Should Know Before Buying Links!

Hope these tips will help you to avoid problems in your link-building business!

1) Always check HTML code of the page!
Some link sellers put your links on a page and everything looks pretty good, except… that these links are not working! Visually everything looks nice, but when you make a simple magic action: Ctrl + U you can see all the background. To check it, press Ctrl+U, then Ctrl+F and there will appear a pop-up window (in Chrome – upper right corner, Mozilla – lower left corner). Type there the name of your link, e.g.: and press Enter. If you won’t find your link in the code but you see it on the page, be sure that it is closed with Java Script. In this case in code you will see something like this:

619, 123, 234, 364, 567, 619, 123, 234, 364, 567, 619, 123, 234, 364, 567, 619, 123, 234, 364, 567, 111, 465, 374, 287, 554, 234, 364, 567, 619, 123, 234 etc.

If you can’t find your link in code, Google bot won’t find it too!

2) Always check the seller’s reputation. For this you may find additional information in Google. all you have to do is to enter following queries into the text line:

  • “” fraud
  • “” scam
  • “” review

3) Check the quality and quantity of backlinks to the site you buy link at. For this you can go to Yahoo and enter ““. There you will see the list of domains that have links to the donor site. Be very careful! There should not be sites with adult content! It is pretty good if you find there trustful sites, like, or .edu, .gov sites.

4) Calculate the PR of the donor’s domain. If you want to buy a link from the site with PR 5 (for example), check it’s backlinks. Site with PR 5 can’t have only 40 links from original domains! There should be around 400 links from original domains for PR 5.

How to calculate PR? PR / quantity of backlinks with ORIGINAL domains = PR ratio from 1 site. It can’t be more then 0,06. Usually you get 0,02 PR ratio from 1 site. For example, in our case PR 5/ 400 = 0.0125. According to our calculation, you can be more or less sure that the PR 5 is not a fake one if there at least 250 backlinks from original domains (PR 5/ 0.02 = 250).

Hope it will help you, guys!