Just another site – fraud, scam review!

I don’t know guys!

I used to ask myself a question for a long time “Am I that stupid? Am I that yobbo?!”. And all this because of fraudulent link sellers like this guy –! Some time ago I bought several links (never buy several links from sellers you don’t know!) and paid for this pleasure $110. I bought a couple of permanent posts and several 1-year links. A year passed… nope. Sorry. 5 months passed and BEEEEB no links are detected. No-no-no guys, I am not snaky! I know that some sites loose their PRs from 5 to 4, and some goes expired. But guys, SOME of them! Not all of them! I tried to write to this seller but got no answer. I wrote him several times on his email –, on his PayPal and even tried to contact him through Digital Poin – Got no answer…

Well, dude. You’ve made your choice.

Link buyers, beware of this seller!

Here I add some information to help you find this post:

Email –
Digital Point account –
The sites he was selling links at:
And many, many other fraudulent sites!


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