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Not scammers, just a mere amateurs!

Here I will provide you with the list of link-sellers who are not scammers but are a mere amateurs in SEO and link building.
Let’s start from
Craig Daniel
SEO Crooze
United Kingdom
01612484922 offers a base of 2000 blogs and sites to buy links at. But their business goes not pretty good because if you will compare the list of sites for August and October, you will see that around 15% blogs and sites from Auguat are already banned, deleted and suspended. are you ready to risk that much with your money? I’m not!

SEO Crooze is not a bad company, they are not scammers or frauds but they usually do a lot of mistakes. As far as my friend says (he worked with them for a pretty long time and he is sure that is a scammer) they delete links you’ve recently bought or extended. I am not sure that SEO Crooze is a scam company, I think that they are just nonpros. I can’t say that I’m angry with them or irritated with their way of making business, but that’s for sure… I won’t have business with Craig Daniel’s company anymore as I don’t have pretty much time to solve all these problems with deleted links and problems in their database. I will better find a trustful link seller.

They claim to be not brokers but owners of all these sites but I doubt a little because all these sites are suggested by a huge mass of other link sellers.
Anyway, it’s up to you whether to work with Craig Daniel and his SEO Crooze, or not.

And the last point to be emphisized, is that has PR 0.
The tailor’s wife is the worst clad!!!

One response to “Not scammers, just a mere amateurs!

  1. dave British January 1, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Craig is much better at twitter on his political account @SLATfascists

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