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Tel: +852.81720004 scammer

I’m in the middle of a jobhunt right now. Like many people, I’ve turned to replying to ads posted on Craigslist. Craigslist, of course, has a colorful history of being a haven for all sorts of scum and villainy by its very nature of being a free-for-all posting mechanism. Much like Usenet, it’s got a high noise-to-signal ratio. Still, the last several jobs I’ve gotten have come from responding to ads there, so it’s sort of a ‘shoot and hope you hit’ situation.

So, there was one ad that was particularly innocuous looking: Labeled Data Entry (Portland) it looked promising enough. The pay rate, $15.50 per hour, should have been the first tip-off something was screwy- and the fact that they were basically asking for someone who could breathe and blink at the same time, skills-wise, should have been another- but I decided to go ahead and send a resume anyway. I figured it if was a scam, there’s very little anyone can get from a simple resume.

Thought nothing more of it until I received an e-mail from the company today:

We would like to thank you for sending your resume to (company) . After overlooking your initial credentials, I think you could possibly be a great fit for our company. Our Human Resource manager would like to schedule an interview with you before she leaves for vacation early next week. You need to complete the pre-interview screening before we can schedule an interview, which can be found at resume.(company).com or the career link on our homepage. Your applicant code is (number). Please write down your code, as that is the only way you can gain access to your application and employee profile. Once you complete your screening someone from HR will contact you within 72 hours to schedule an interview.

Okay, sure. Fine, I can deal with that. Although the fact that it is now Wednesday and that the HR person is going on vacation ‘early next week’ and that there’s a 72-hour gap… well, okay. Maybe.

So I go to the site to start going through their little process. That leads to an ‘applicant screening area’ where, after you put in your name and invitation code and e-mail, you get directed to a page with a bunch of your typical interview questions. Yeah, annoying stuff like ‘where do you see yourself in five years’ and ‘tell me why I should hire you’ and so on.

I filled this out, because so far my bells aren’t quite ringing, but then the -second- step of the process is that you have to go and get a credit check done. I am always wary of this as a factor of employability to begin with, but I noticed there was also a redirect involved as I was watching the bottom bar on Firefox, and this odd site,, pops up before I get to Experian- or something that LOOKS like Experian.

Hm, says I. This does not seem right.

I look up in WHOIS. Why, it was registered only on October 1, to a non-address in the Bahamas! Why, there’s no website for it as a seperate entity. You can’t Google it and if you try to load it directly, nothing happens. How interesting.

****Contact the owner by email only****
N4892 Nassau
Tel: +852.81720004

Well, that’s a giant blinking red flag to STOP IMMEDIATELY, of course. I backed out of there like my browser was on fire. I had put in no personal information.

So then I decide to take a closer look at the company website.

Hm, says I. There’s nothing on the damn site- every section is under development and the only portion that’s up talks about this company being involved in a lot of action in Belize. Yes, Belize. Home of many a scam international finance trading company.
(company) is pleased to inform you that in addition to the formation of International Business Companies, (company) also facilitates in the formation of Local Companies, formation of Panamanian IBC’s, Registering of Overseas Companies, establishment of Trusts, registrati of Trademarks/Service marks, Industrial Design and Patent.

Feel free to contact us if you require our assistance with the

Uh-huh. Didn’t you guys advertise as a green consulting firm? So what’s this company doing in Portland, Oregon?

I look them up to see if there’s an office here. I find nothing at all. I run checks on every permutation I can think of of the URL, the named person in the e-mail, etc. Now I’m curious about the domain name itself, so I do another WHOIS.

Oh my, it appears to have been registered on September 30, 2010. Oh look:

****Contact the owner by email only****
c/o (company)
N4892 Nassau
Tel: +852.81720004

Looks like we got ourselves a bonafide scam. Apparently, this isn’t the first such thing pulled from the general area of the Bahamas:
San Antonio news report on Bahama job scam .
Scamcheck has info on another.

General Googling has turned up some commonalities: the address is often N4892 Nassau and the phone number in these scam domains is Tel: +852.81720004 Basically, now you have to check just about every site to make sure it’s not a Bahamanian scam of some variety. This scam shows up in random areas, including sales of consumer electronics and other kinds of white collar jobs . If only there was some kind of unified list of established scam domain names from these people… For now, there’s always just googling Tel: +852.81720004
I just sent the company back this e-mail:

I can not proceed with this application until I am convinced that your company is legitimate. Please respond to this e-mail with the local address of your Portland, OR branch office.

Thank you for your attention.

Wanna bet I get no answer?


Not scammers, just a mere amateurs!

Here I will provide you with the list of link-sellers who are not scammers but are a mere amateurs in SEO and link building.
Let’s start from
Craig Daniel
SEO Crooze
United Kingdom
01612484922 offers a base of 2000 blogs and sites to buy links at. But their business goes not pretty good because if you will compare the list of sites for August and October, you will see that around 15% blogs and sites from Auguat are already banned, deleted and suspended. are you ready to risk that much with your money? I’m not!

SEO Crooze is not a bad company, they are not scammers or frauds but they usually do a lot of mistakes. As far as my friend says (he worked with them for a pretty long time and he is sure that is a scammer) they delete links you’ve recently bought or extended. I am not sure that SEO Crooze is a scam company, I think that they are just nonpros. I can’t say that I’m angry with them or irritated with their way of making business, but that’s for sure… I won’t have business with Craig Daniel’s company anymore as I don’t have pretty much time to solve all these problems with deleted links and problems in their database. I will better find a trustful link seller.

They claim to be not brokers but owners of all these sites but I doubt a little because all these sites are suggested by a huge mass of other link sellers.
Anyway, it’s up to you whether to work with Craig Daniel and his SEO Crooze, or not.

And the last point to be emphisized, is that has PR 0.
The tailor’s wife is the worst clad!!!

Fraudulent actions of – seller! Shame on scammers!

link-builder scammers and fraudsAnother guy who makes me feel like a slob! I trusted him… I TRUSTED HIM MY $160 (lol?). Well, that’s not funny actually. The more I have experience with frauds and scammers, the more I lose my money.

This guy just took money, and “Oh, My God!” the sites are deleted! You know what, guys?! I always thought that it is a pretty good way to avoid fraudulent actions and scams in link building business – to buy posts instead of 1-year links. You don’t have to check them all the time; you don’t need to worry about their presence on the site… I thought so. The worst thing that may happen to posts is just an expired domain (that may be fixed within 1 or 2 letters). I always thought that there is no need to check my posts, but!
Dear (or maybe, or even maybe someone who reaaaaaally hates links) corrected my defective point of view, he sold me posts, waited till I pay for them and leave them for a while waiting till I will forget about their humble existence, and then, just deleted those pages! (BINGO!) Just deleted guys! My links disappeared as fast as the seller. I tried to find him through e-mail and PayPal ID but guess what? I still got no answer.
One more thing I would advise you – never write your posts, it is better to pay a lil bit higher price but let the seller write the text by himself. Because one day, you won’t find the link to the bought post, but you will find your text in Google… sold to other people.
As for this scam seller –
Here is the information about him: – the site.
PayPal –
Email –

P.S. There is a pretty interesting remark about the scammer’s site –
description: MAB4EVER-SEO – make sure your site will be number 1 at google
generator: WordPress 3.0.1
description: We are SEO & link building company in the web market. We are completely dedicated to each and every link building service.
keywords: seo, link building,

Oh, isn’t this sweat sweet? – fraud, scam review!

I don’t know guys!

I used to ask myself a question for a long time “Am I that stupid? Am I that yobbo?!”. And all this because of fraudulent link sellers like this guy –! Some time ago I bought several links (never buy several links from sellers you don’t know!) and paid for this pleasure $110. I bought a couple of permanent posts and several 1-year links. A year passed… nope. Sorry. 5 months passed and BEEEEB no links are detected. No-no-no guys, I am not snaky! I know that some sites loose their PRs from 5 to 4, and some goes expired. But guys, SOME of them! Not all of them! I tried to write to this seller but got no answer. I wrote him several times on his email –, on his PayPal and even tried to contact him through Digital Poin – Got no answer…

Well, dude. You’ve made your choice.

Link buyers, beware of this seller!

Here I add some information to help you find this post:

Email –
Digital Point account –
The sites he was selling links at:
And many, many other fraudulent sites!
ME! – in fraud and scammer list

Gosh! I wanted to make my first post about Internet frauds more emotional and expressive, but when you have deal with scammers all the time their tricks become less shocking and more usual.

You probably know the 3 stages rule of “Perception of new information“:
– Reaction on the information heard for the first time: It’s impossible!
– Reaction on the information heard for the second time: You know, there is something in it
– Reaction on the information heard for the third time: Yes, didn’t you know?!

The same situation happened to me. But this is even for the better. Less emotions – higher objectivity.

Let’s start with DILSON DECANO

I started to work with this link seller about a year ago and bought links for $100.
After several months I found out that almost all my links were deleted, or sites with my links were dropped. The scheme is very simple: Dilson Decano ( made a PayPal account, email account and several sites to sell links at, moreover he probably became a broker and was re-selling the links. After getting some money (let’s say – pretty good money) he made me cryyyyyy disappeared as fast and tracklessly as my bought links…
I wrote him several letters but got no answer. So, that’s why you are here, in my scam list, Dilson Decano. Because the first betrayal can’t be forgotten…(Т__T)

Contacts of this fraudulent link seller:
Decano, Dilson
Lucao district
dagupan, pangasinan 2400
PayPal account:

Dilson Decano owns:

and many many others.