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Wikipedia Blackout – What would Google say?!

Every active internet user was shocked today if visited

Every article has the same black backround and this text:

Imagine a World
Without Free Knowledge

For over a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia. Learn more.

Make your voice heard

Yes, it’s verys sad, but it is also an awesome moment ot see how Google actually works.

Fisrt of all I thought that wikipedia pages were still present if search results because its’ content didn’t re-index yet. But then I pressed CTRL+U and looked at the page source. And you know what? The initial texts are still there!!! Vistors see black background, but the information is still there – just designed in such way that the visitor cannot see it.

And how can we call such action in the eyes of Search Engines? It’s a hidden text! And it is a rude vialation of Google policy – to use one content to get ranking in search engine and to show visitor absolutely different text.

So, how should Google behave in this situtaion? Shouln’t it penalise What do you think?



Today, the 6th of October, Google PR is dead. RIP. It is not a secret that PR we could check was a mere toolbar PR and had nothing to do with the real one, but anyway it was kinda direction to move. PR is no more longer to live. Google denied to use it as there were too much fraudulent actions among web-masters and link-sellers. Since this day we are moving to new era. Era without PR. Google sais that there will be new algorithms soon and there is no more need in PRs ratings.
I don’t know guys, this is kind of shock for me.

All datacentres of GOOgle are down! Datacenter down Datacenter down Datacenter down Datacenter down Datacenter down
Datacenters are down
Or they are blocked!
How do you like this?!
Proof-link: Showing results for:

Google PR – n/a! WTF is going on?!

What’s going on?! Today I’ve checked Google PRs, all the sites have PR – n/a! What’s this? Does Google denied from PR at all? Or is it kinda bag? Please write anybody who still have PR?! Am I the only one with this problem?! NO PR – That’s it…

And this is how it began…

Scarcely had I turned a 14 years old whelp, my uncle taught me to play poker. And though I        didn’t memorize hand ranking yet and hardly understood what was going on in my hands, I won    my first fiver that night. Those $5 were prepared to buy a plunker. Fishing party was called off  while I discovered my talent to bluff.

This skill I nourished and cherished for the whole my life. Whatever I did, whenever I worked,    I was always bluffing – “I want to reserve a table for two. The best one please, I will be with Miss  Taylor Swift”.

Sometimes I get hell for my tricks, sometimes even in restaurants, but as a rule it works.  Harrington’s %10 bluffing rule states that, regardless how tight a player is, any bet from someone  has at least a %10 chance of being a bluff. The percent may be higher, but never lower.

The second step in sharpening the skill is to nail down your bluff with actions; otherwise they  will call you a bullshitter, and all those peaks of success you’ve reached will be ruined shamefully   in a brace of shake.

About a year ago I’ve launched a little SEO agency. I wasn’t pretty experienced that time but I loved my job and wanted to become a real professional in SEO.  At first my friends gave me their sites to practice, after 3.5 months I reached quite good results, and now I have my own standing customers and my business goes up.

The war with the search engines is a very exquisite workmanship and it requires special skills. When the quantity of bought links passed over 500 I faced the problem of checking their validity. To check them at random is an ineffective process. To check them manually is a time taking process.

So… I wrote a script. And though I spent three weeks of sleepless nights, it is worth it! All I have to do is to type the donor link, anchor and url.

Every day the script checks my database of bought links:

availability of the link;

– the correctness of the url and anchor from donor’s site;

– presence of “rel=nofollow” and other JavaScripts;

– domain’s status;

Why did I do this? You can’t even imagine the quantity of frauds among link sellers! They delete your links, add rel=nofollow or just close your link with Java Script! I am not cruel, believe me. Before posting here the list of scam sellers I demonstrated the highness of my mercy and patience. I wrote at least three letters to each of them and those who answered escaped this destiny. Persuasions and mentioning unpublicized rules between business partners, worked from time to time. And that’s why I sworn by Zeus to teach a lesson those who sold me links for the round amount and then deleted them. It’s time to suit the action to the word; otherwise all those peaks of success I’ve reached will be ruined shamefully in a brace of shake…


Why am I here?!

link scam sellers and frauds


I am here to help you. Help you to find on my site:

– The list of frauds and the list of scams  among link sellers;
Link fraud (this is the keyword that will help you to find this post, because according to the         Keyword Tools, there are over 18 000 queries per month);
– Contacts, emails and PayPal IDs of link scam sellers, details and conditions of purchases;
– General methods of cheating and fraudulent actions of link sellers;
– Things you should know before buying links;
– Many, many other useful things;
– And a little bit more useful things;

If there’s anything more you want to find on my site, simply write the comment.

P.S. Dear frauds, scammers, and dishonest link sellers, don’t be huffy. Didn’t I admonish you? Definitely did!